TwinScan – Adaptable Hair Removal with Scanner Technology

With its two handpieces the TwinScan is highly adaptable to a wide range of treatment situations, making it the perfect choice for heavy-duty professionals. Both handpieces are available with 760 nm “Alexandrite-like” or 808 nm diode lasers, which adds even more adaptability to the TwinScan.

Thanks to the linear scanning technology and three optimized treatment modes the TwinScan guarantees adaptable, efficient and comfortable hair removal at all times.



  • Hair removal for all skin types
  • Onychomycosis*
  • Vascular lesions for light skin*

* Not FDA approved


    To optimally adapt to any area, the Twin Scan can be equipped with up to two different applicator types:

    f-HP applicator type:
    • Large surface applicator for users who perform hair removal treatments  mainly on large areas of the body.
    • The scanner field is digitally adjustable to only scan parts of the treatment area, which enables the treatment of smaller spots.
    p-HP applicator type:
    • A handy, lightweight handpiece with a treatment area of 2.5 cm² for the precise hair removal on small areas like an upper lip or bikini area.
    • Longer crystal enables excellent visibility of the treatment area.
    • By using the right technique also suitable for relatively fast treatment of larger areas.

    With both applicator types connected simultaniously, you are optimally equipped for every treatment situation.

  • VARIABLE Wavelength

    Both applicator types are available in 760 nm and 808 nm wavelengths. By selecting your preferred wavelength, you can optimally adapt the TwinScan to your individual treatment routines.


    The TwinScan offers three modes for different hair removal approaches:

    • Stamping Mode for precise hair removal in hard to reach areas.
    • Sliding Mode for fast hair removal on large treatment areas.
    • Super Mode for comfortable hair removal for the user and the patient

    A large sapphire crystal in the applicator enables fast treatment even for large-area application. In addition, this ensures good visibility of the treatment area at all times.


    The TwinScan offers specially adjusted settings for the treatment of Onychomycosis. This guarantees safe and effective treatment in all cases. The TwinScan therefore provides faster, better results and a less painful treatment than Nd:YAG lasers.


    The TwinScan is intuitively operated via touchscreen. In addition, the system guides you through the treatment with the help of labeled icons. While you concentrate on the clinical aspects, the system provides you with suggestions for the appropriate treatment parameters.


    Thanks to its compact dimensions (30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm), the TwinScan is easily transportable and storable. An optional equipment cart enables highly flexible work.


Laser typeDiode laser
Wavelength808 nm
760 nm
Max. fluence100 J/cm²
Power density2,000 W/cm² for 808nm
1,000 W/cm² for 760nm
Treatment areap-HP: 2.5 cm² (25 mm x 10 mm)
f-HP: 7.5 cm² (50 mm x 15 mm)
Pulse duration4 ms – 100 ms
Dimensions (h x l x d)30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
WeightUp to 25 kg